Monday, August 4

Ranking the Pokemon: #17- Charizard

Ahh, Charizard. What a beast. That flame tail. Those wings. That fierce overbite. It's a fan favorite of many--in fact, IGN voted it #1 Pokemon back in 2011, and Nintendo Power readers gave it the top honor in a 2012 poll. There's a bunch of fun trivia about Charizard, too: it shared the same cry with Rhyhorn, it's the first Pokemon to appear in the Japanese version of the anime, and has the exact same base stats as Typhlosion from the Gold/Silver/Crystal version of games. 

Those base stats are not too shabby, either. Charizard is basically average or above average in every category, and has solid Speed. In later generations, Charizard's Special Attack is better than anything else, but for Generation I we'll just have to deal with "good" instead of "awesome".

Charizard can learn Fly in Pokemon Yellow (and later versions of the game), so theoretically you can get one with Fly on the Generation I version of games. That's the only generation where the move is useful, so if you feel like it, go for it. As for me, I prefer a Charizard with Fire Blast, Slash (that critical hit bonus doe!) and Earthquake. You'll take care of Charizard's secondary Flying weakness with that bad boy. The final move is usually a defensive one for me (Double Team/Reflect), even though with Charizard's average-ish HP, you might want to only focus on attacks. I don't care what you do, just do it with pride. That's a motto for life, too. Get it, 'zardy!

Battling Grade: B+

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