Thursday, August 21

Ranking the Pokemon: #11- Articuno

Our second legendary bird is all the way up at #11. So clearly, if you're legendary, you're doing something right. Articuno's tail reminds me of the train on a bride's wedding gown. Not sure how it doesn't trip all over it while it's waking. But, as you can see, those majestic wings are pretty huge, so maybe 'cuno just flies everywhere. Who knows? It's a fictional creature.

Of course, as a legendary, Articuno has pretty admirable stats. Special is outta control, tied for fourth-highest in the game. Defense is very good, too, and HP, Attack and Speed are all above-average. You could go the tank route with Articuno, although with only five moves it learns naturally (and a fairly limited movepool of TMs available), your options aren't the best.

Blizzard is obviously a must-have, and while BubbleBeam is pretty low accuracy, it's very helpful against Rock-types. That's Articuno's biggest weakness, so takin' 'em out early (like Liam Neeson) is a sound strategy. Since Articulate is a Flying-type, Sky Attack/Fly can be useful. Neither one of them are very good, but hey, STAB is nice. The last move can either be defensive, like Reflect, Rest, Agility or Double Team, or you can throw a Normal-type attack on there. I'd recommend Body Slam or Double-Edge, simply because if you already have Sky Attack or Fly, you already have a move that takes two turns. And I'm impatient, so I don't want more than one of those.

Your fun fact about Articuno: It's visible through binoculars at a spot near Fuchsia City. If you catch or defeat Articuno in the Seafoam Islands (there's only one ice bird in the game), it's still visible through those binoculars. Silly.

Battling Grade: A-

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