Sunday, August 3

31 Days of Calvin and Hobbes: Day 3

Calvin often dreams about power, wealth, and essentially getting to the point in life where he doesn't have to actually do anything. Of course, he doesn't realize that it's only going to get worse from here on out. Being an adult is a lot more responsibility than being six.

Hobbes does a good job of putting things in perspective. Especially as I've gotten older, I do my best to take some time to cherish the little moments in life, like relaxing in a sunny field. It's nice to get rid of technology and the go-go-go world we all find ourselves in and just unwind. Plus, my dog gets in that exact same position that Hobbes is posed in in the final panel when she's rolling around on the floor. So for referencing someone near and dear to my heart, this strip gets a bonus point.

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