Wednesday, July 23

20 Even Worse Impressions in 1 Minute

You may remember roughly a year ago when JKC fan (least) favorite Michael joined me for some terrible impressions. Well, Rubes was such a fan of the original that he wanted to join in on the fun. And now we have an even more embarrassing amount of bad impersonations. After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, even if it's awful imitating, right? The full list of this Buenos Aires adventure is below:

The Old Guys From The Muppets
Ray Gillette From Archer
Marge Simpson
Jerry Seinfeld
Buster Bluth From Arrested Development
Austin Powers
Gimli From Lord of the Rings
The Joker
Donna From Parks and Rec
Eric Cartman
Tina Belcher From Bob's Burgers
Tommy Wiseau From The Room
Jim Halpert From The Office
Chewbacca From Star Wars
Tom Haverford From Parks and Rec
Cosmo Kramer From Seinfeld
Star Fox, Slippy Toad, Peppy Hare, Falco Lombardi
Woody Allen

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