Tuesday, July 1

Ranking the Pokemon: #30- Kadabra

Kadabra holds a special place in my heart. You see, when I originally played Pokemon Blue, it was a bit after my friends had played, so for a very long time I was unable to trade with anyone. And my Kadabra could never turn into that very powerful Alakazam.

Of course, since Psychic types are horribly overpowered in Generation I, Kadabra can actually do some strong damage of its own. Its Special is even higher than Hypno's (a fully-evolved Pokemon), and its Speed is quite fantastic, too. That obviously comes at a price, though: Kadabra's HP, Attack and Defense are all dreadful. Like I'd probably have a higher rating if I were a Pokemon. THEY'RE THAT BAD.

Psychic goes with Kadabra (or any Psychic-type, really) like peanut butter goes with jelly, like spaghetti goes with meatballs, or like mac goes with cheese. So make sure that's on your 'dabra. In Generation II and onward, it makes more sense to throw a couple of the elemental punches into the mix, as well as maybe Calm Mind to raise Special Attack and Defense (a very Psychic-esque move, in that it's quite broken).

But this is Generation I, so let's make do with Thunder Wave to get some paralyzer action going, and Reflect to try and shore up that poor Defense while your opponent is just chillin' with paralysis. The last move, as with most Pokemon, is up to you. Double Team adds another layer of annoyance. Seismic Toss won't be affected by Kadabra's terrible Attack, just by its level, so it's a decent way to damage anyone not weak against Psychic. Dig also wasn't a terrible move back in Generation I, so you could theoretically put that on there, too. But using up two turns to do pitiful damage isn't your best option. If it was, I'd at least make a s'more during the downtime, rather than just getting my hands dirty in the ground.

Battling Grade: B

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