Friday, June 13

Man Trapped In Airport Alone Decides To Film Music Video

All by myself from Richard Dunn on Vimeo.

Having just flown internationally, I know all about long layovers and how terrible they are. Though while I usually spend mine trying to get some shuteye, or perhaps writing or reading a book, Richard Dunn has a different idea: make a music video.

Stuck in Las Vegas's McCarran Airport with pretty much nothing to do and very few people around, Dunn shot an entire music video set to Celine Dion's cover of Eric Carmen's "All By Myself." He used moving walkways to get some cool dolly scenes, and even recreated a shot from Flashdance. Great way to spend a few hours.

Even better? Celine Dion saw the video and loved it. She invited Dunn to come hang out with her next time, or at least to use her bathroom.

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