Tuesday, April 1

Ranking the Pokemon: #48- Raichu

It sickens me having Raichu this high. Anything associated with Pikachu shouldn't be that good, and the utter annoyance of that rat should limit Raichu's prowess.

But alas, Raichu somehow does have a lot going for it. Sure, its HP and Defense is pretty weak, but Attack and Special are both strong, and as an electric type, it's got solid Speed. Its tail is also an actual lightning bolt, which actually adds to the coolness factor. Granted, whatever it calls those ear things and the yellow clown face paint takes away any coolness points Raichu earned, but I digress.

The real reason Raichu is this high up on the list is because of its moveset. As it evolves from the Thunder Stone, it'll only naturally learn whatever Pikachu already knew, but via TM and Pokemon Stadium, you can give Raichu an incredibly well-rounded quartet of moves. Thunderbolt and Thunder Wave should be on any electric type anyway, and Body Slam/Double-Edge/Hyper Beam/Submission can take advantage of Raichu's surprisingly high Attack. Or you can go the extreme annoyance route and toss Double Team on there (which personally I like doing, because I'm a douche when it comes to battling).

But the cherry on top comes from Pokemon Stadium: If you win each cup (I think) and then the highest cup on Round 2 difficulty while having Pikachu in your team of three in each battle, that Pikachu will learn the move Surf. Electric types are often crucial members of really successful teams, simply because they're only weak against one type: Ground. You know what completely demolishes Ground-types? Water moves. And now that your Raichu can catch some waves, any Ground-type that tries to take you out is gon' be slower, and soon they gon' be fainted.

Battling Grade: B

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