Sunday, January 19

Sunday Thoughts: NFL Playoffs

Holy smokes, what an entertaining postseason it's been. We've now got our two Super Bowl champs: The Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks. I correctly picked the Broncos to make the Super Bowl at the start of the year, but I was wrong on the winged team that would represent the NFC. Embarrassingly wrong. Oops. In any case, let's get to the action.

-Our Worst Team of the Week at least played in probably the most exciting game of the playoffs. You'd think scoring 44 points would preclude you from being the worst team, but the Kansas City Chiefs still managed to pull it off, thanks to Andrew "The Giant" Luck's late-game heroics and some pedestrian at best playcalling. And once again, T.Y. Hilton explodes for a huge game when it doesn't count for fantasy purpose. The T.Y. must stand for Totally Yucky, because that's how I felt anytime I started him this year. But I digress...

-The Most Boring Game of the playoffs was easily the Chargers/Bengals, unless you think counting how many mistakes Andy Dalton makes is entertaining. I don't, but he made seven, by my count. The Niners win over the Panthers was pretty boring, too, but at least it had a couple of ridiculous plays, like Ted Ginn in the penultimate snap of the game running through about eight Niners defenders and being faster than anyone ever.

-Speaking of faster than anyone ever, the Stupidest Play of the Week was just Richard Sherman's quickly deteriorating postgame interview. Moreso because it was stupid entertaining, and I'm sure Erin Andrews feared for her life whilst "conducting" it. But I still laughed heartily. And you should too.

-By the way, if you somehow didn't see that Seahawks/Niners game, GO WATCH IT RIGHT NOW. Find out some website that will stream it or some channel that's re-airing it, because it's absolutely worth watching. Those defenses are probably the two best in the league. Also, the Seahawks' jerseys look like what I'd design if I made a created team on one of the Madden games.

-This is Terrance Knighton of the Denver Broncos. His nickname is "Pot Roast." He also has the dance moves of Chewbacca.

-I'm glad the Patriots decided to show up for today's game against the Broncos. The most entertaining part of that game was probably when Thunder, the Broncos' mascot, was trying to bang a drum during a play and some random officer stopped him. He looked so distraught, it was fantastic.

-This is the first time I can remember the two teams I was hoping would lose actually lost. Who knew it was possible?! 

-Many thank yous to those of you who have read this over the season. It's been a ton of fun to write, and we'll be back again next year (and realistically, probably for the Super Bowl, too). Looking forward to the big game--it'll be rad!

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