Sunday, December 1

Auburn and Alabama Give Us Best Iron Bowl Ever

We use a lot of hyperbole here on A Hot Cup, but in this case, it's absolutely justified. After eeking out an incredible win on a hail mary last week against Georgia, Auburn went one further this time around. After AJ McCarron completed a 99-yard pass that looked to cement the win for the #1 Crimson Tide, Auburn made like a horse and said "neigh." The Tigers blocked a field goal, then connected on a 39-yard pass with under a minute left to tie the game and set the stage for a wild finish.

Nick Saban opted to put a second back on the clock after T.J. Yeldon ran out of bounds at Auburn's 39-yard line. That meant he could kick a 57-yard field goal attempt. With his backup kicker, after the starter got benched, going 0 for 3. That also meant that Auburn could try to return said field goal, which of course was missed. Luckily for the Tigers, Chris Davis had been put in as the return man, and he took it 109 yards for the walkoff, probably gettin' themselves in the National Championship game score. Check out Yahoo for a way more in-depth writeup, but HOLY COW.

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