Sunday, November 3

Sunday Thoughts: Week 9

I made my first visit to Cowboys "AT&T" Stadium today, and saw a very entertaining game between the Cowboys and Vikings. So, alas, most of my notes will be about that game, though we'll certainly have shout outs for others. Let's get it!

-Adrian Peterson had one of the most insane touchdown runs I've seen in awhile. Coupled with Giovanni Bernard's awesome back and forth run against the Dolphins on Thursday, running backs are back, baby!

-Oh wait, no they're not. Nick Foles threw for seven touchdowns with only six completions. Three of those scores went to racist receiver Riley Cooper. The fact that Cooper is fantasy relevant with Foles at the helm is infuriating, since arguably the best person in our league has him on his team. Boo.

-Speaking of boo, this was the week of teams losing or almost losing to teams they shouldn't lose to if they want to be considered great. The Bengals and Chargers lost to inferior albeit tricky-ish squads (the Dolphins and Redskins, respectively), the Cowboys almost blew their game at home against the Vikings, and the Colts will probably lose a stinker at the Texans (they're down 21-6 at the time of this writing). The Seahawks also almost lost an unthinkable game at home to the winless Bucs. Trailing 21-0 at one point, they came back to win 27-24 in overtime. Those 'hawks love giving the ol' heart some palpitations!

-Dez Bryant and Greg Little both earn my Stupid Plays of the Week, for committing just foolish unsportsmanlike conduct penalties that cost their teams chances of scoring. Bryant took his helmet off on the field after getting a pass interference penalty, and Little went a step further--throwing a defender's helmet and then drawing a taunting penalty later in the game. Real intelligent.

-Meanwhile, my preseason Super Bowl pick earns our Worst Team of the Week: the Atlanta Falcons have simply been a mess this season. Granted, injuries have taken their toll on their key playmakers, both offensively and defensively, and they looked absolutely miserable in getting smacked 34-10 by the Panthers. But hey, my opponent in fantasy has Matt Ryan and I have the Panthers D, so I'm not complaining TOO much.

-The Chiefs somehow scored 23 points with Alex Smith throwing for only 129 yards and the Chiefs in general not getting into the endzone on offense. Any doubts that this defense isn't the best in the league should probably have been quieted by now. In my opinion the top five defenses are Kansas City, Carolina, Seattle, Houston and San Francisco.

-The Jets ONCE AGAIN made me feel foolish for switching my pick away from them. It's shockingly simple and I keep avoiding the pattern, because this has to be the worst 5-4 team ever, but they have alternated wins and losses every week. Head coach Rex Ryan made a joke that fell flat in the post game presser that they'd probably lose against the bye week. More likely, they'll lose against their Week 11 opponent, the Bills.

-I like when the Bears play on Monday night, because then I can have a relatively stress-free Sunday while not watching them blow leads against bad teams. Beautiful. 

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  1. And it looks like Indy might make the comeback a reality!