Sunday, November 17

Sunday Thoughts: Week 11

Guess what, kiddos? Week 11 is going to be the last thoughts you're getting for a couple of weeks, since I'll be out of the country all of Week 12, and traveling during the Sunday of Week 13. But we'll still try to get something in then. My only prediction for Week 12 is that I'll hate the Jets and either the Lions, Steelers, Chargers, Cowboys or Bengals will lose a game common sense says they should win.

-You know what's more fun than a rain delay? Being in the city as it's happening. Chicago had some crazy weather this afternoon, and was reaching halftime as all the other early games were ending. It was fun watching punts and passes just get tossed around like a rival Pikachu after you use Earthquake. After about five and a half hours, the Bears escaped with a 23-20 win in overtime. Boo-yah!

-The Lions and Steelers combined for 605 total yards in the first half. That's a high for the NFL this season. Calvin Johnson and Antonio Brown each cracked 100 yards and pulled in two scores in the first 30 minutes. Not bad at all. But what IS bad? The Steelers jerseys. They look like bumblebees out there. Also the Lions' second half. Stafford had like two completions and a meager amount of second half yards. 35, to be exact. What a waste. Let's add the Lions to the list of teams that blow games they should win. AND THAT'S WHY THEY'RE BAD AND SHOULD FEEL BAD.

-This is the last time I believe in the Jets again. I made a last second switch to pick New York when I realized the Bills were starting a rusty EJ Manuel and missing their top two receivers. Yet it DIDN'T MATTER because the Jets are terrible. Of course, they're just continuing a pattern of winning a game and then losing one, so I'm sure they'll sneak out an improbable win next week. But for now, they win our Worst Team of the Week and I hate them. The Houston Texans are a close second for worst team. Mainly just because they were at home. Atlanta was #3.

-Actually, we need to delve more into this Texans loss. The defense gave up three touchdown passes to something called Matt McGloin, which is often confused with a groin injury. Also, Case Keenum was benched for Matt Schaub (the irony) and one of their offensive linemen had three false starts. Yikes, they are rough to watch.

-RGIII is realizing points in the NFL aren't nearly as easy to come by as points at Baylor was (and still are. I think they just scored again as I type this). Washington's QB wins our Stupid Play of the Week as he was attempting to lead a comeback from down 24-0. With his team trailing by 8, he backpedaled about 15 yards and then threw up an absolute duck that was easily intercepted by the Eagles' Brandon Boykin.

-Jacksonville's Jason Babin made a tackle against Andre Ellington where he literally ripped out a chunk of Ellington's dreads. Then he held it up like it was a freakin' rabbit he bagged in Oregon Trail. Except he was able to carry all of this back to the wagon.

-The best defense in the NFL? While I love my fantasy stalwart the Panthers, the Bengals may have just staked a claim. Andy Dalton threw for 93 yards and the team scored 41 points, courtesy of two defensive touchdowns. Let's repeat that for effect: The Bengals red-headed monstrosity of a quarterback threw for UNDER ONE HUNDRED YARDS, at an alarming 3.4 yards per attempt, and his team put up a fortyburger and won by 21. Heck, WR Mohamed Sanu threw a 25 yard pass. That's more than a quarter of what Dalton put up in 27 passes. If Cincinnati had any kind of talent at QB, they'd be a SCARY team.

-Our Most Boring Game of the Week was actually pretty hard to find, since even the blowouts were pretty entertaining. Since seeing the Jets get routed is still funny even if I happened to pick them this week (stupid), we'll go with what was touted as America's Game of the Week by Fox: the Packers at the Giants. Outside of a nice pick-six by Jason Pierre-Paul, this game was a lot of snoozing. Remember when both of these squads were good? For Packers fans, Aaron Rodgers can't return fast enough.

-The top running back performance of the day was Tampa Bay's Bobby Rainey. He ran 30 times for 163 yards and two TDs, and also grabbed a four-yard reception for a score, too. Who woulda thunk it?

-Prior to today, the average fantasy performance for a team defense facing the Saints was 1.3 points. In NINE GAMES. The Niners put up a little bit better effort, but still, that's incredible.

-Our RedZone recap is mighty entertaining today. Let's get it.

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