Sunday, November 10

Sunday Thoughts: Week 10

In one of the most unpredictable weeks in recent memory, the Jags finally got off the schneid, the supposedly elite Colts lost by 30, and a hail mary (thrown by Andy Dalton, no less) actually was caught for a touchdown. Let's get to the madness.

-After trailing 17-0, the Bengals somehow came back and tied things on the final play as Andy Dalton launched a near-midfield hail mary to beastly receiver AJ Green. But of course, in traditional Bengals fashion, the team got close but could not get over the hump and lost in overtime. But for a brief second I got very excited and frightened my dog with my yells during the tying play. Said hail mary play also wins our Stupid Play of the Week, as Ravens DB James Ihedigbo deflects the ball in a way that makes you question if he knows what "bat it down" means.

-The Dallas Cowboys are SHOCKINGLY bad. How this team has won five games is beyond me. I saw them in person last week as they struggled against the terrible Vikings, and the Saints absolutely demolished them (and my fantasy team in the process, since Drew Brees has it in for me). How bad are the Cowboys? Al Michaels actually brought up the record for most yards given up in a game as the Cowboys approached it. They didn't set that record, but they did give up 40 first downs. FORTY FIRST DOWNS IN ONE GAME. That's an NFL record. At least the Cowboys ran more than eight times this week. What a joke. The winner of the NFC East is going to be 7-9 at best, and it's going to be embarrassing.

-Speaking of the NFC East, I still can't take the Iggles seriously even though they're 5-5. They simply cannot win at home, and they beat a Packers team who had to play a third-string quarterback for most of the game after Seneca Wallace suffered a groin injury.

-Meanwhile, the Jacksonville Jaguars scored their first win of the season by hanging on for a 29-27 win against the Titans. Tennessee's Jake Locker left early with some sort of foot injury, and the Jaguars were stunned that they had an early double-digit lead. Cecil Shorts and all of his garbage-time yardage went to waste, making it six straight weeks that I've played him when I shouldn't have and benched him when he went off. Keep it up, Cecil.

-Our Worst Team of the Week is an easy one: The Indianapolis Colts. Sweet lord, how do you lose by 30 at home to a team playing their backup quarterback? Well, you let Tavon Austin, who I believe had combined for about 200 yards all season prior to this game, rack up 310 total yards, fielding punts, catching short passes and turning everything into touchdowns. The Colts also had like 14 turnovers, and generally looked like a team that was more interested in catching...gosh, I don't even know what shows are on on Sundays anymore now that Breaking Bad is over. Sigh...

-Our award for Most Boring Game of the afternoon has to go to either Giants/Raiders or the more likely winner: Steelers/Bills. EJ Manuel made an un-Florida State (i.e. terrible) return from a knee injury and looked terrible. Pittsburgh, meanwhile, also looked pretty terrible, but they scored more, and that's generally how you win sporting matches.

-Arizona's defense is really good. If their offensive line wasn't worse at blocking than Geico commercials are at making me not hate them, then they'd be a surprise wild card team. They're still in the hunt, but I just can't see them making a push. Although...

-With the Panthers edging out the Niners 10-9, the Cardinals gained some ground in the NFC West, at least for second place. This game was probably pretty boring too, though with the Panthers D putting up 22 points for me, I can't find any fault with it. Sure, I picked it wrong, but most of the world did too.

-We'll end with a link to NFL RedZone's Week 10 Touchdown Montage. Because the "3-yard Run Montage" just doesn't have the same level of excitement.

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