Tuesday, November 12

Ranking the Pokemon: #55- Poliwrath

Poliwrath is kind of a weirdo. Not just because of its 8th-grade-looking hypnotic scribble on its chest. Or...maybe that's its mouth? I don't know. Maybe it's just one big white heart with that blue man suit and gloves on.

In any case, Wrath of Poly has pretty average stats across the board. Its HP, Defense and Attack are a little above average, while its Speed and Special are slightly below average. Poliwrath also gains the Fighting type, making it a helluva lot more vulnerable to both Psychics and Flyings, which are fairly common types.

But holy cow, look at that moveset! Surf. Psychic. Earthquake. Blizzard. Submission. Water Gun. Er...well, that last one, maybe not so much. But equipping Wrathy with Earthquake and maybe something like Submission or Double-Edge takes advantage of that higher Attack, while Surf utilizes the STAB by being a Water-type move (in case you were concerned what element surfing might incorporate). The fourth move is up to you, but I honestly might even ditch Double-Edge and go a double dose of Psychic, with Hypnosis and Psychic. Since only Bugs are resistant in Generation I—yes, Ghosts are too, but the only Ghosts are also Poison-types, which as you know by now, Psychics OWN—that move'll still do decent damage to anyone, even with Poly's lesser Special.

Finaly, Poliwrath's eyes kind of look like ping pong balls with dots drawn on them. And I like playing ping pong. Bonus.

Battling Grade: B-

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