Tuesday, September 24

Woman's Wedding Gets Called Off, So She Feeds 200 Homeless People

Imagine your wedding day, whether it's already happened or has yet to occur. Beautiful, right? Now imagine if that wedding day was called off. You'd be crushed! But one woman took the opportunity to do something amazing.

Tamara Fowler found out 40 days before her wedding that it was going to be...well, cancelled. Rather than panic, the Fowler family called Elizabeth Omilami from the Hosea Feed the Hungry organization for her help in getting a group of the city's homeless people together. Children make up about 70 percent of Atlanta's homeless, so to make the dinner more fun for them, a clown was hired for their entertainment. Dubbed "The First Annual Fowler Family Celebration of Love," the family says it plans on hosting another charity dinner next year. Kudos to them.

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