Sunday, September 8

Sunday Thoughts: Week 1

Ohhhhh baby. Can you tell I'm excited the NFL is finally back? As the fantasy team nurses a small, uncomfortable lead, and I made a few poor picks in the Pick'Em league, please allow me to share my incoherent thoughts with you. Obviously, since these are Sunday thoughts, they don't include Skins/Eagles and Chargers/Texans, and only about half of Giants/Cowboys. But hey, there's plenty of garbage to go around...

-Adrian Peterson had a 78-yard touchdown run on his first touch, but only finished with 93 yards on 18 rushes. That means his next 17 carries netted him just 15 yards. I can't tell if that's a really disappointing day or a really great one, since he had three total TDs. I'ma lean toward the former, though, because his QB is still Christian Ponder.

-There were three separate games that had a safety in the first quarter. For one of those teams (the Jags), that was their only score of the game. The Steelers also got a safety and didn't score again until garbage time. The Jets rounded out the "we scorin' two points" trifecta. Speaking of the Jets...

-They got a HUGE gift win, courtesy of our Stupidest Player of the Week, Tampa Bay's Lavonte David. The linebacker received a personal foul penalty in the final seconds of a game against the AFC New Yorkers, because, well, apparently he doesn't realize that YOU'RE NOT GETTING THE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT WHEN YOU TACKLE A RUNNING QUARTERBACK AFTER HE'S ALREADY OUT OF BOUNDS. The boneheaded blunder put the Jets 15 yards closer, which promptly resulted in a Nick Folk 48-yarder for the win. Good job, Lavonte.

-Our Worst Team of the Week Award is shared by four separate teams: The Jaguars, whose QB Blaine Gabbert barely averaged 3.5 yards per pass; the Steelers, who lost to a Titans team that only mustered 287 total yards all day (although Pittsburgh had under 200 yards of offense, so maybe that's why); and the combo of the Seahawks and the Panthers, or the Panhawks, who put on one of the most boring games I've ever seen. Note to self: Stop watching games with Seahawks fans. Or at least have alternate TVs nearby. 

-I met a Bears fan today. He was really weird and frightened me a little. I should probably stop wearing my jersey if I go out to watch games.

-This is a couple days old, but MY GOODNESS is Peyton Manning a beast. The Chargers haven't played yet, but Terrelle Pryor and Alex Smith combined for 390 yards. That means as of now, Peyton Manning has thrown for 72 yards more than the rest of the AFC West. And Phil Rivers is bad enough that he might not surpass that.

-If you asked anyone "Which running back will lead the league in rushing for Week 1?" and then also asked "Which wide receiver will lead the league in receiving for Week 1?" I don't think that person would have said "Shane Vereen" and "Anquan Boldin," respectively. And if someone said they would have, you call them a liar. Because that's what they are. A LIAR.

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