Saturday, September 14

Food For Thought: CrispRoot Cassava Chips

I'm not a huge fan of potato chips, but virtually everyone I know is. And with football season already underway, it's easy to chomp down on endless amounts of chips. Fortunately, for those of us that care about our waistlines, CrispRoot Cassava Chips are a tasty alternative.

With 30-40% less fat and double the fiber of regular potato chips, CrispRoot Chips are made with all-natural ingredients. Made in four absolutely savory flavors, the Original, Sea Salt, BBQ, and Thai Ginger versions have a ridged texture just like leading potato chips, but without the trans-fat or cholesterol.

CrispRoot sent me a sampling of each of the flavors, and obviously some are better than others. The Sea Salt (pictured above) is easily the best of the bunch. Simply put, these chips are FANTASTIC. This is the one I'd be most worried about overindulging on; the others aren't bad, but didn't make my taste buds dance in quite the same way. The packaging suggests that these go very well with dip. I didn't really have any dip in the fridge, but I did have some chicken salad. And you know what? That packaging did not lie. The Thai Ginger in particular was a quite delicious combo with the chicken salad.

So, if you're looking for some chips to spruce up your next party, or just to snack on around the house, give CrispRoot Chips (especially the Sea Salt) a try. And they're gluten- and dairy-free, too so they laugh in the face of allergies. Check 'em out!

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