Sunday, August 11

Ranking the Pokemon: #61- Dodrio

Dodrio's one of those Pokemon that is this high up on the list because I like how it looks. Let's face it: things with multiple heads are funny, and Dodrio has a solid THREE heads to kick Doduo's two heads in the, well, the face. Plus I like the fashionable black feather hairstyle, too.

As far as actual battling goes, Dodrio does have fantastic Attack and Speed, but otherwise it's pretty pedestrian. It doesn't learn a whole lot of useful moves, either; Drill Peck and Agility should be standard on every single Dodrio, but after that...what do you do? Rest? Hyper Beam? Take Down? If this was post-Generation I, you could use Tri Attack and hope one of the status afflictions (burn, paralyze or freeze) would connect, but since we just talking about Red and Blue (and Yellow, ugh), you don't have that luxury. So Dodrio is more useful in being cool to look at as opposed to actually battling. And since there are many Pokes that are both terrible at battling AND ugly as all get-up? Then hey, you're not doing too bad, 'rio.

Battling Grade: C+

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