Thursday, May 23

University of Miami "Where's Sebastian?" Video is Amazing

First of all, a big congrats to my fellow grads of The U. At this point, every student I knew when I was at Miami has now also graduated. And that's terrifying. Mostly for me, because mid-20s crisis and all that. But something magical came out of the 2013 graduation ceremony: a video simply titled "Where's Sebastian?"

Sebastian, for the uninitiated, is the mascot of the University of Miami. He's supposed to be at graduation, but he's too busy hooping it up on the court. So university prez Donna Shalala hits the hardwood to lure him back. She's joined by men's and women's basketball coaches Jim Larranaga and Katie Meier. The video quality looks like something out of the 80s, the acting is pedestrian at best, and the end result is awesome. Watch and enjoy.

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