Friday, January 11

Dunk You Very Much

We're not even two weeks into the new year, and we already have a pair of dunks that made me jump out of my seat upon seeing them. Just to be sure, I sent them to my buddy Andy, and he had a similar reaction. In fact, he got up and had to walk around to calm down, he was so pumped. Beautiful.

The first one comes from Brandon Paul, who makes quite the poster early in a matchup with Minnesota. Strangely enough, while Paul was called for the charge, the basket was allowed. Probably because the dunk was so awesome.

Our second slam is courtesy of San Diego State's Jamaal Franklin. His actual dunk is less complex, but the fact that he throws the ball off the backboard while running down the court at full speed makes it absolutely incredible. It also appears that he's looking to a teammate on the wing while he throws the pass off the glass, though an alternate angle suggests that he is, in fact, focused on the backboard. Either way, it's still very impressive, even if it's completely unnecessary. Which one do you like better?

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