Sunday, September 16

Week 2 NFL Prop Bets!

After the highest scoring Week 1 in history, we know a little bit more about the teams in the league. Here are some prop bets you’ll want to make during Week 2:

Raiders vs. Dolphins: Longest TD of the Game Under 38.5 yards (-115)
No Jacoby Ford and a hobbled Denarius Moore? Could this be anymore of a lock? The Dolphins probably won’t even score a touchdown, realistically. That leaves the Raiders to do it, and I don’t have much confidence in that, either. The only risk in this bet is Darren McFadden breaking a long run or taking a screen pass to the endzone, but I’d bet the Fins will do everything they can to stop him from beating them.

Chargers vs. Titans: Chargers Score First (-160)
Dating back to last season, the Chargers last five regular season home games have found them scoring first. Sometimes it’s a field goal, sometimes it’s a touchdown, but one thing’s for sure: When San Diego’s at home, they come out fired up.

Panthers vs. Saints: Over 51 Points Scored (-105)
The Saints and Panthers both struggled offensively last week and still put up 42 combined points. And neither defense is very strong, especially the post-bounty scandal Saints. Imagine how much they can score when they face each other? Hint: It’s a lot more than 51.

Rams vs. Redskins: First Offensive Play is a Running Play (-110)
69 out of 120 combined snaps for these two teams were rushes in Week 1. St. Louis has a beast of a back in Steven Jackson, so they’re going to try and establish the run early. And yes, RGIII is tremendous, but let’s get real: He started 1 for 10 against the Saints. They’ll get him some early dinks and dunks to boost up his confidence, but it’s very likely the first play will be a run. As far as which running back gets it? Well, betting on a Mike Shanahan RB is ALWAYS a losing proposition, so I’m not touching it.

Ravens (-150), Patriots (-600) and Texans (-2000) to Win Their Respective Divisions
After one week, these teams really only confirmed their positions as favorites in the AFC North, East and South, respectively.  The AFC South might be the worst division in recent memory; the Jags will likely finish second with anywhere from a 6-10 to a 4-12 record. And the Texans are at least a 10-win team. That’s a no brainer (and explains the very good odds). The Patriots have lost a little steam after the Jets’ big showing in Week 1, but I’m not buying it. There was really no reason to be as high on the Bills as everyone was, and the Jets demolished them. There’s no questioning that, but this team is too dysfunctional to win a division. The only possible question mark is the Ravens, but they seem incredibly motivated and overall are talented at more positions than the Steelers. In a three-team parlay, they’re definitely worth what little risk they present.

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