Tuesday, September 4

Ranking the Pokemon: #75- Poliwhirl

We're officially in the top half of Pokemon, now, but Poliwhirl still isn't great. It does have really good Speed, and okay HP, Attack and Defense. Plus, I always liked its "hypnotizing" body. It's what I imagine the Hamburglar would look like if he stole some blue paint. I am slightly concerned about where Poliwhirl's mouth is, though, or if it even has one. But it's got boxing gloves, so at least it can go get a manicure and then battle later that same day without feeling too guilty.

I also get irritated by Pokemon who are a certain type (in this case, Water, which specializes in, well, special attacks) but whose stats don't back that type up. You'll notice in the above "this is what Poliwhirl is okay at," Special Attack was not mentioned. That's because its Special is pretty so-so. In fact, it's below so-so, especially for someone at Poliwhirl's level of evolution, or "levolution." The moves it learns naturally are all pretty much awful, save for Amnesia. Throw that on a 'whirly, add Surf for STAB, then finish it off with something like Earthquake and Psychic, and you have a fairly decent sweeper. Not a great one, but one that could maybe do some damage before fainting.

Battling Grade: C 

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