Sunday, August 12

KFC's Colonel Sanders is a Fan of All People, Gay or Straight

It's been near impossible to avoid hearing about the controversy surrounding Chick-Fil-A and its "anti-gay" stance. Real big shocker, too, considering the company is notoriously Christian, conservative and closed on Sundays.

In any case, perhaps you wondered what other chicken-based fast-food places thought about gay people. KFC's own Colonel Sanders (portrayed by John Goodman in this great Funny or Die video) wants you to know that he 100% supports gay folks. Straight ones, too. In fact, he views all of us as just money gobblers, and being on earth for 140 years has given him a lot of perspective.

Was it ironic there was a commercial involving Roseanne before this video played, either? No, no it was not. Enjoy!

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