Monday, June 18

Man Gets Most Grueling Job Interview Ever

That's just not any man, though. It's my buddy Tom Murphy. You may remember Murph from a couple of internet-famous videos he's put up, where he's making tons of obscure references during the weather report. That was for WBKB-TV in Alpena, MI, but now he's taking his talents to central California. He recently appeared on Eyewitness News on KBAK-TV/KBFX-TV in Bakersfield, CA, and was subjected to one of the toughest job interviews I've ever seen. After answering a series of "This or That" questions (with some of the answers getting disapproving clucks from the other anchors), Murph is then subjected to a game of "Newsflash." Just like the Whose Line Is It Anyway? game of the same name, the other anchors give hints while a clueless Murph stands in front of a screen he can't see. After a few bad guesses, he finally gets the answer correct. And, like the anchors say, he's a good sport about it.

All's well that ends well, though. Murph did, in fact, get the job out in Bakersfield, and is starting there in a couple of weeks. Congrats, buddy.

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