Friday, June 8

How to Go On a Date (Gentlemen's Edition)

Fans of A Hot Cup know the intrepid narrator of this blog will occasionally dabble in the YouTube scene. Whether it's trying his shot at the YouTube version of American Idol (check back here on Tuesday for the first episode) or simply making a video for all to enjoy, there's some goodness to be found.

That goodness continues with "How to Go On a Date (Gentlemen's Edition)," a video shot, written, produced and acted in by my buddy Andy. It also features myself and a few other friends, Lish and Derek. In fact, all of those people were met via said YouTube American Idol contest. And they all have their own pages, so in addition to checking out/subscribing to mine (and this one too), be sure to visit Andy's, Derek's and Lish's pages, as well. Shameless promotion FTW!  

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