Wednesday, May 16

Tony Hawk Jumps Over a Lexus Like It Ain't No Thang

Sometimes in life, you don't want to just walk around an object that's in your way. There are occasions where you have to jump over said object. In my life, said object is usually a table, chair, fire hydrant, etc. In Tony Hawk's life, that object is a Lexus LFA, which he had borrowed for the weekend. While I'm sure driving a fancy car to his local Wendy's or whatever errands he ran was fantastic, any skater looks at ANYTHING and thinks they can jump over it. And when you're a pro ollie master (ollier?) like Tony, jumping over a car isn't very difficult at all. Maybe that's why there's stone silence after he successfully completes the jump. Although this audience is still more receptive than when I sang the Barking Dogs version of "Jingle Bells" at karaoke, so Tony should be thankful for what he can get.

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