Friday, May 18

This Yearbook Prank is Quite the Nguyen

The high school yearbook is a memorable thing, sure. Heck, I still enjoy going back and reading what people wrote in the "signature/comment" section. Most senior quotes, however, are forgettable at best. I only remember a handful off the top of my head, and by a handful I mean two. And one of them was mine. And the other one was potty-humorously delightful. Regardless, this takes the cake.

Eight girls from the same school, who all happen to share the last name Nguyen (which, as intelligent readers, I'm sure you already know is pronounced like "win") decided to wear the same black shirt, and it looks like they all tried to style their hair similarly as well. The kicker, though, comes with that good ol' yearbook quote. Spread out under all eight of their pictures, it reads "We know what you're thinking, and no, we're not related." Awesome.