Tuesday, May 1

This Might Be the Greatest Viral Ad Ever

Tipp-Ex (a.k.a. a "Wite-Out" competitor), released an ad a few weeks ago that may be the most creative thing to hit the web, at least in the form of advertising. In the video, a man and a bear are enjoying a nice birthday cake during a 2012 party, when suddenly a meteor starts heading towards the earth (you know, in a "2012 is the Apocalypse" sort of way). The video then freezes and you're given the choice to "End the Party" or "Don't End the Party."

Regardless of what you pick, the non-bear protagonist will use Tipp-Ex to put a white strip over the year, allowing you to write ANY YEAR YOU WANT in the blank space. I sincerely doubt each year has a different video, but there are quite a few variants based on what you pick. Some highlights are below, and check out the video to find the rest.

1776- The bear is painting the man in a Renaissance-style setting.

1945- Both man and bear are parachuting down in the sky while smoke and gunfire/bombs go off around them.

1999- A Saved by the Bell parody starts up, called "Saved by the Bear." Love the nostalgia.

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