Thursday, May 31

Ranking the Pokemon: #79- Drowzee

I always thought Drowzee had a much larger snout. Something like an elephant almost. Oh well, I guess not. It's also one of the rare Pokes who really doesn't resemble its evolutionary superior, so that's a bonus? I don't know why, but I've always liked Drowzee (or "Sleepe," as it's known in Japan...I guess "Sleepy" was already taken by Snow White). It really shouldn't make sense: Abra is a superior Psychic type in nearly every way, especially in my favorite category--Speed; Drowzee looks really weird with its Wyoming football colors; it's on the brink of falling asleep at any moment; and most importantly, its name is one of those "we got lazy" moments that Game Freak seems to have a lot, using a normal English word that's slightly misspelled. It's basically a mutant freak, and for that I like it.

Drowzee has solid Special, especially for a first-year, and good HP, and just about everything else is average. Which actually makes it one of the more defensively sound Psychic types in the game. Drowzee unsurprisingly learns Hypnosis, which is actually a really bad move (because of how inaccurate it is, only connecting 60% of the time), and can learn Dream Eater via TM. So, as you would expect, not only can this perpetual narcoleptic beast also coerce other people into slumber, it can then steal the dreams of said other person. Basically, Drowzee was Inception before Christopher Nolan even thought up Memento. Maybe THAT'S why it's so high on this list.

Battling Grade: C+

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