Tuesday, April 24

Ranking the Pokemon: #95- Gloom

Gloom just reminds me of a lazy fraternity brother. Drool coming out of the mouth, unkempt hair (even though they're leaves and not actually hair), and eyes crusted shut. That's not an image you want to portray yourself as, and Gloom does it quite well.

Slacker image aside, Gloom isn't horrible in regards to its stats. It has a strong Special and pretty good HP and Attack, and can learn all sorts of Grass and Poison attacks to damage Water, Ground, Rock, and...well, that's about it, since Poison attacks are only good against Bug types, and ANYTHING does heavy (or at least decent) damage against Bugs. Also, most Poison type moves back in Generation I didn't  actually attack, they just poisoned your foe, with limited success. So while Gloom's Grass type works out well, the Poison type does not, and just adds more weaknesses where you didn't need any. And I also just cannot get over how dumb it looks, so Gloom, you lose.

Battling Grade: C

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