Sunday, April 29

Ranking the Pokemon: #94- Tentacruel

If this was just a ranking by stats, Tentacruel would certainly be a lot higher. Its Speed and Special are both quite good, and its other stats aren't terrible, either. Cruelly also learns some okay moves, though most are by TM or HM (Ice Beam, Mega Drain, Surf, etc.).

So why is Tentacruel so low? Because I absolutely HATE jellyfish. They are useless creatures whose main goal in life is to sting humans. Actually, I don't know if that's true, but I am fairly certain that jellyfish have no real purpose. They don't help the ecosystem grow, they don't provide anything (besides painful, irritating rashes), and you can't even really eat them. Although I bet they'd taste terrible anyway. Tentacruel could have all maxed stats and I still wouldn't rank it much higher than this, simply because jellyfish are the worst critters in the sea.

Battling Grade: C+

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