Wednesday, March 7

They Have Cupcake Vending Machines Now?

Well, if you live in or near Beverly Hills, then yes, yes they do. Sprinkles, the cupcake company that has delighted Southern California residents for the past several years is now offering something unique (as far as I know)--a cupcake ATM. Why it's called an ATM and not a vending machine I do not know, since I don't believe you can deposit cupcakes or other baked goods into the machine. 

Either way, it's a pretty cool concept, and while the video below, courtesy of the Washington Post, is lacking in flair, it's a good primer of how the ATM works. I may need to check this out ASAP, and hopefully, like one of the comments suggested, I don't run into the first world problem of being unable to get the cupcake out of the box without ruining it. 

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