Monday, March 12

Ranking the Pokemon: #110-Geodude

Geodude will really test coolness factor versus battling ability. Because, you see, Geodude is pretty fantastic when it comes to design. It's a small rock with huge arms. It's so simple, yet so awesome. You'd think it would have the ability to fly (or at least not get hit by Ground attacks) since it pretty much hovers above the battlefield. Alas, Ground attacks still do damage, but that's not what hurts Geodude. What hurts it is a 4x weakness to Water and Grass, and a 2x weakness to a host of other sort of common types, like Fighting and Ice (and, yes, Ground). Of course, Geodude--and, for that matter, the rest of the Ground/Rock type bunch--will absolutely demolish just about every other type. It's just that Water especially is so common, and those types are almost always faster than my 'dude that it'll take a lot of damage before it gets to do anything. Of course, once it DOES get to do something, besides strong type-specific attacks like Earthquake and Rock Slide, it can also more than likely take out an opponent with it courtesy of Selfdestruct and/or Explosion (although why you'd have multiple moves where the user kills itself on one Pokemon is beyond me).

In other words, Geodude's Attack and Defense are, ahem, rock solid, while its Speed and Special get barely, ahem, off the ground. But it looks cool, and can easily fit into most overhead storage containers, so it gets bonus points from me.

Battling Grade: C-

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