Saturday, March 17

Frisbee Pole Vault

This marks the second year in a row I've gotten sick during March Madness. It's simultaneously good and bad. This time, the sickness at least waited until the weekend to hit me, whereas I had to take off the Thursday last year (which also happened to be St. Patrick's Day, which I'm sure didn't seem suspicious at all).

The good is that I'm not going to be doing much anyway--with games on all day, I just flip on the TV, my computers and watch basketball until my brain can't process it anymore. So that's fine.

The bad is that, well, being sick sucks. I can barely type this post, and if someone came in here they wouldn't know where to find me, since I'm buried in a pile of blankets. Oops. So I can't give my thoughts (at least coherent ones, although are they really ever coherent?) on the rest of the action thus far. Hopefully by Sunday night I can compile something and get 'er done. For now, though, I'll just give you a couple of non-March Madness related videos, since I'm sure not everyone is as big a college bball junkie as me.

This made its way around the Internet earlier in the week, but it's cool enough I needed to post it. A man runs, does a pole vault, and then catches a frisbee as he's falling backwards. I'm a pro at snaring a frisbee out of an air, but this is insane. And needs a perfect pass, too. Incredible. This video is a behind-the-scenes clip from when it aired on ESPN's Around the Horn. Woody Paige compares the throw to Brodie Smith, crazy boat frisbee guy, saying the boat one is better. They're both really impressive, but having caught a frisbee from the side of a moving golf cart before (not as impressive, obviously), I'm a little more amazed by the pole vault, although I'm sure the multiple times to throw it in order to make the video was FAR easier on the pole vault attempt.

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