Sunday, February 26

Kevin Hart, Celebrity Game MVP

Lost in all the Oscars hubbabaloo was NBA All-Star weekend (and, to a much lesser extent, the Miami Hurricanes 78-62 win over Florida State. Go Canes!). And since I was super busy this weekend, I'm just now watching the festivities. First up is the NBA Celebrity Game, which really makes me want to be a celebrity so that I can teach some of these people how to play basketball. Even with former All-Stars on each team, it took the West four minutes to score at all, and turnovers and bricked shots abounded.

The two highlights both involved Kevin Hart--who I had heard of but wasn't really familiar with, because, despite my alarming knowledge of random pop culture things, there are just too many things to notice, so sometimes a gem like Hart will fall through the cracks. In any case, seeing Dwight Howard use him as an armrest was quite entertaining--Hart is 5'2", while Dwight is 7 feet. Reminds me of me using people shorter than five feet as armrests. Good times. The other happened at the end of the game, when Hart, who won the MVP trophy, got ejected. I don't know what's more embarrassing--getting ejected in a celebrity game, or the score when said ejection occurred. Honorable mention also goes to Paul Pierce saying there was "not a lot of talent out there" during a mid-game interview.

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