Tuesday, August 9

This Is The Greatest Thing Ever: Saved By The Bell Interactive Game

Any fan of A Hot Cup knows that we'll embellish on how good or amazing something is from time to time. But in this case, if you grew up during the 90s (or 80s, or in fact, simply if you enjoyed the show), the Saved By The Bell Interactive Game may in fact be the most awesome thing ever. Stylized in fantastic NES-era graphics, complete with 8-bit soundtracks--ranging from the original theme to the Beach Boys' "Barbara Ann"--you control Zack and help him make decisions that will have either positive or negative effects. It's pretty obvious to tell which path will lead which way, but with the ability to replay any decision, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this concept, except possibly that it's too short. But every major character makes an appearance, plus some other bit players that only showed up once or twice, and their inclusion is pretty hilarious. TheFineBros, for creating this masterpiece, we salute you!

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