Wednesday, July 13

Mila Kunis Just Became Even Cooler

Mila Kunis has a lot of things going for her, from her role as Meg on Family Guy to solid performances in excellent movies like Black Swan and Forgetting Sarah Marshall to quite frankly being gorgeous. And if she didn't portray a cool vibe already, she's making another case for said vibe.

Roughly a month ago, Scott Moore, a member of the Marines made a video inviting Ms. Kunis to the Marine Corps Ball in November--even though he was most likely just messing around with his buddies during some downtime in Afghanistan. The actress was asked this past weekend if she would go, and, with some gentle nudging from Friends with Benefits co-star Justin Timberlake, accepted. Agreeing she "had to do it for her country," for the time being, at least, essentially your average guy is getting a date with one of the hottest names in showbiz right now. Thanks, YouTube! PopSugar has a more in-depth look at the whole proposal:

UPDATE: It turns out Moore's gutsy proposal was actually started as a bet with his friends. So if this proves anything, it's that screwing around with a camera can get you a date with a Hollywood starlet. Or something like that.

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