Sunday, February 6

Super Bowl Sunday

Hopefully you've signed up for your free Papa John's, and are ready to celebrate the game right. Here are some prop bets that I'm looking forward to making. Some of these may not actually exist, but hey, you can find someone to make 'em with. Assuming you're in Las Vegas, where gambling is legal.

-Christina Aguilera's national anthem will go over 1:54.
-The first kickoff return will not pass the 25-yard line.
-The first touchdown will go to Mike Wallace.
-There will be a Lambeau Leap done by one of the Packers (my personal hope is that it's Charles Woodson on a pick six).
-That being said, Charles Woodson will record a sack.
-Mike Tomlin will look like Omar Epps for the entire game.
-Aaron Rodgers will score a rushing touchdown.
-The color of the Gatorade dumped on the winning coach will be yellow (think about it, Steelers fans wave yellow towels, and Green Bay represents cheeseheads everywhere).
-Packers RB James Starks will have 83 or fewer total yards.
-No kickoff return will make it past the 37-yard line.
-At least one announcement of a penalty by a referee will not be heard over the PA system, or will cut out for more than half of it.

So there you go, you gambling addicts. My final prediction is Packers win 30-24, but since I'm usually wrong with this sort of thing, you Steelers fans can start celebrating. All I really know is that we're roughly a month away from March Madness (I consider conference tournaments a part of it), and ain't nothin' wrong with that.

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