Thursday, February 24

Impressive Videos...Music Style!

While we're not done with our NBA Jam Session coverage, I figured we could take a break and get some quality videos in. The underlying theme? Music! These aren't necessarily new videos, but hey, they're still fantastic. Here we goooooo!

Walk Off the Earth- "Magic"

Despite seeming like complete tools early on, these guys actually do a pretty bang-up cover of B.o.B's "Magic" feat. Rivers Cuomo using beat boxing for the drums and bass. Impressive!

Tommy Gauthier- "Four Hand Guitar"

Playing guitar is hard enough for many people. But imagine if you had an extra set of hands? Think about the possibilities! Then, watch this video, and SEE the possibilities!

DeStorm- "The World's Greatest"

Hint to aspiring artists trying to get a mention (i.e. nobody): I enjoy beat boxing. Especially if you do it well. Add to that the ability to sing, and all the little embellishments that R. Kelly's jam has? All without instruments? Amazing!

Robin Sparkles- "Let's Go to the Mall"

Anyone who's seen How I Met Your Mother should know the back story on Robin Sparkles. So I'll be brief, and use a mathematical equation to show why this video works. Canadian teen pop-star + catchy song + ridiculous 90s references + robot - Justin Beiber = Awesome!

This Day in History
1803- The case of Madison v. Marbury establishes judicial review.

1868- President Andrew Johnson is impeached, but remained in office for the duration of his term.

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