Sunday, January 30

Videos of the Weekend

After a brief hiatus we're back, with a few entertaining videos that have just come out over the last week or so.

"The Creep"

The boys from The Lonely Island have a new dance that's taking over the club. And like everyone else seemed to do in 2010, they feature Nicki Minaj. This is hardly as amusing or catchy as some of TLI's other works, but since that's exactly how many guys dance at clubs and bars, it rings true.

"Eddie the Fan"

The Washington Wizards haven't been very good this year. So to keep fans interested during timeouts, they let them jump on a trampoline and try to dunk a basketball. One guy is on his phone--he's talking to his date, who is somewhere in the stands. This video seems staged, but it's still impressive. The fact that the other attempts are so abysmal makes it even better. Kudos to my boy Bandwagon for finding it.

"Boy Gets Dunked"

Continuing with the "jumping-off-a-trampoline-and-dunking" theme, at a Phoenix Suns game, a boy jumps off a trampoline and dunks. It's the landing he has some trouble with. I don't think Kenny Smith would give that a 10.

"Tracy Morgan on TNT's 'Inside the NBA'"

Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley are having a discussion over who's more attractive--Sarah Palin or Tina Fey. I don't know what's funnier--that Barkley asks "You can't get fired, right?" Morgan's answer, Barkley's and Smith's nervous laughter, or Ernie Johnson's concerned look offscreen and segue into the next segment.

"Brian Wilson on 'The George Lopez Show'"

I personally think Wilson is getting close to crossing the line from being funny and random to just trying too hard. But he does have a good beard, so he'll get the nod here. Also, George Lopez is still not funny.

"Boy Calls 9-1-1 to Save Father"

Nice little heroism going on here. A man slices the main artery of his hand and his three-year old son dials 9-1-1. The kid is pretty hilarious and everything worked out okay in the end. All together now: "Awwwww."

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