Tuesday, January 25

Top 5 ESPN RV Commercials

For no other reason than I enjoy ranking things, here are the top NBA on ESPN commercials that revolve around life on the RV. Maestro, cue the awards music!

5. "Steve Nash Parks the RV"- Only because he's awesome. And because his pass his behind the back.

4. "Kevin Love Wants to Ride with the Cool Kids"- Kevin Love was involved in a rookie hazing video last year, but the one where he's a victim is a lot funnier.

3. "Carlos Boozer and Danilo Gallinari Love Hot Sauce"- I love overreacting to minor things. Boozer does me proud here.

2. "Trophy"- I never actually saw this one on TV, and although it came out a couple years ago I guess it's still topical since the Lakers are the defending champs. I just like it mainly because it's hilarious and practical.

1. "Shaq Plays Scrabble by His Own Rules"- Shaq is easily one of the top 10 funniest athletes in professional sports right now (possibly ever). So it's fitting that his commercial still makes me laugh, even after multiple years of being on-air. Pause the video when they show the board to step up your vocab.

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