Friday, January 14

Semi-Interesting Links of the Day

The latest buzz has been about the "new" astrological signs. Well, there's only one actual new one, and it's only if you believe some crazy astrologer. The new zodiac sign is known as Ophiuchus, which sounds like someone sneezing or some other bodily function. And according to this I've personally switched from a Virgo to a Leo. I guess lions are cooler than virgins, anyway. You know, if I believed or cared in any of that stuff.

Have you ever been watching an advertisement and scoffed at the claims of the "real" people who have used the product? Sure you have, who hasn't? Well, now you can deride those people from the comfort of your computer chair (or sofa, or floor, or whatever you plop on whilst reading this blog).

Kudos to Putzi for pointing this one out. Most college basketball fans know broadcaster Gus Johnson, as well as his great calls, such as "That's Big Time!" or "Batista with the caaaaatch!" Those same fans probably played around with the Gus Johnson soundboard that was out for awhile and has disappeared into the abyss. Fret not, fans, because Chicago Bulls color commentator Stacey King has stepped into that void and provides a soundboard of hilarity.

New Braunfels Canyon High in Texas has a new field that might literally make your eyes bleed.

Tiananmen Square in China is a really amazing place to visit. Too bad this "guest" wasn't around when I was there back in 2009.

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