Thursday, December 23

12 Days of Karaoke- Day 8

Fountains of Wayne- "Stacy's Mom"

Fountains of Wayne is probably one of the greatest groups that nobody really knows anything about, save that their biggest hit is insanely catchy and has a funny music video starring Rachel Hunter and borrowing heavily from Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Oh, and they love their Cars references. In fact, Cars frontman Ric Ocasek was allegedly supposed to cameo in this video but declined. That could have been the greatest combo of pop ever witnessed, but alas, we just have this piece in its stead.

Anyway, getting back on track (or off of it), Fountains of Wayne have a TON of good songs that sadly have not graced nearly as many eardrums as they should. Songs that mention a monkey reading Playboy magazine. Songs with clever lines and great videos. songs that are cheery and depressing at the same time with a catchy riff to boot, and possibly the best recounting of a night gone that the singer can't remember.

But the only song anybody knows (except you readers, since you no doubt clicked on all those links I scoured YouTube to find!) is "Stacy's Mom." And boy, do people know it. Which makes it a great karaoke song.

Fountains member Adam Schlesinger co-wrote "That Thing You Do!," so he is no stranger to one-hit wonders. And while you may not get Rachel Hunter as a backup dancer during the instrumental break, this song is good enough on its own.

Bonus "This Day in History"

Since there will likely be a break during the next few days, we'll give another bonus "TDIH." In 1888, Vincent Van Gogh, in a fit of dementia, sliced over the lower part of his left earlobe. While Van Gogh is generally considered one of the greatest artists of all-time, during his lifetime he only sold one painting. He shot himself two years later and died only 37 years old.

And with that, merry Christmas!

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