Wednesday, July 7

Things That Irritate Me--Sports Edition!

After reading an article about poor spelling, I got to thinking--what else is irritating? What else makes me cringe every time I hear/think about/see it? Well, to put it bluntly, there's a lot. But I've been able to narrow it down to two for your reading pleasure. Or displeasure, who knows?

This has really gotten bad thanks to the World Cup. Every once in awhile an official will penalize players for a flop, but realistically, it doesn't happen. The last 20 minutes or so of any game that isn't tied is a festival of people falling down as if they had battery acid poured into both eyes, clutching their head and rolling around on the ground (even though the "injury" occurred by their ankle). I'm not gonna lie, when I played basketball, I did flop occasionally, but even I think this is ridiculous. Granted, that video doesn't help my cause at all, since it may be the worst flop ever, but Baron Davis is funny, so he gets a pass.

NBA Free Agency
Remember how Brett Favre and his mulling of retirement (it happened about four years in a row) was EVERYWHERE? Every media outlet was covering it--his every move scrutinized, to the point that it just became irksome. We just wanted him to decide so we wouldn't have to hear anymore about it. Well, that's sort of what the free agency period has been like in the NBA. One day Chicago is the front-runner for LeBron James. The next day it's Cleveland. Chris Bosh is tweeting about things like Twitter (or his thumbs) are going out of style. Dwyane Wade can't decide if he'd like to stay in Miami or come back to his home in Chi-town. And that's just the beginning of it. Thursday marks the first day free agents can officially sign, but of course that won't mean the madness will end then.

What really irritates me (hey, it's the title of the post) is LeBron's recent announcement. From the time he's come into the league, I've always thought of LeBron James as a bit of an attention seeker. Well, I guess having YOUR OWN HOUR-LONG SPECIAL just to announce a decision you've made is a great way to get some attention. This literally made me physically ill--the only saving grace is the sponsorship money the show gets will go to the Boys and Girls Club of America, although even that seems a little staged. It's just too much information overload, and there's really no information to share. So until everyone makes a decision, I'll just close my eyes. Guess that means I'll be sitting for about 72 hours, doing nothing. But first, a joke!

Joey's Bad Joke of the Day
Why did the king go to the dentist?
To get his teeth crowned.


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