Tuesday, March 31

Required Watching: John Krasinski Chats with Steve Carell in Some Good News

As COVID-19 requires more people across the world to shelter in place, they're finding different forms of entertainment. Perhaps you've taken up a board game, or are hosting virtual happy hours with friends in faraway places. Maybe you're reading a book that reminds you to trust in yourself. You might even be finding solace re-enacting all of the Mentos commercials from the 90s.

However, if you still need some help, John Krasinski has you covered. He took to Twitter to find good news happening across the world, and then launched his own show, the aptly named "Some Good News." The debut news show highlights people doing good deeds, and features guest interviews with Steve Carell and a teenager named Coco that just finished her final round of chemotherapy. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll smile, and most of all – you'll feel good. During a time like this, that's plenty.

This first episode will be tough to beat, but I sure hope John tries because the world needs more of this. Check it out below.

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