Sunday, January 14

Stefon Diggs Sends the Minnesota Vikings to the NFC Championship Game With An Insane Catch

Holy. Moly. A wild Sunday of NFL football was capped with an absolutely crazy finish. I can't even imagine having a rooting interest in the Minnesota Vikings and New Orleans Saints game...I might not have survived if I did.

The Vikes jumped out to a 17-0 lead, but the Saints eventually went up 21-20 after a furious comeback in the second half. Minnesota nabbed a field goal to retake the lead, but they left far too much time on the clock for Drew Brees, who promptly marched the Saints down the field for another field goal.

That set the stage for the Vikings. 25 seconds left, one timeout. After a 14-yard completion, Case Keenum threw a pair of shaky passes that probably didn't inspire much hope for Vikings fans. Luckily, he had time for one last play.

With 10 seconds left, Keenum threw a pass down the sideline to Stefon Diggs, who caught the ball and...didn't get tackled. Rookie Marcus Williams tried to undercut Diggs' legs and just missed completely. That allowed Diggs to turn around and scamper down the sideline for the game-winning touchdown with no time left on the clock. Diggs hurled his helmet across the field after scoring, an incredibly fitting reaction to one of the most absurd finishes in NFL history.

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