Monday, April 10

Wade Baldwin IV Has One of the Best Bad Beats of All Time

How fantastic is this? The Grizzlies were leading the Knicks 98-88 the other night, and Memphis's Wade Baldwin IV was dribbling out the clock. He walked over to the official and started chatting a bit. Who knows what they talked about, but as the clock ticked down, Baldwin launched a three-pointer from just in front of halfcourt.

It went in, giving Memphis a 101-88 win. Apparently, the crowd wins a free chicken sandwich if the Grizzlies score over 100 points in a home game – perhaps Baldwin (who's shooting 14.3 percent from deep this season) was just trying to help a few hungry folks out. The line was Knicks +12.5. If you bet on the Knicks, MAN, you were probably furious. But're betting on the Knicks, so that's probably your own fault.