Monday, December 12

OK Go Has Done It Again With Another Crazy Music Video

At this point, it shouldn't surprise anyone that OK Go is capable of fantastic music videos. Their latest tune, "The One Moment," is right up on par with anything else they've done, but if you blink, you might miss it entirely.

That's because "The One Moment" uses the shortest amount of time ever filmed for a music video – just 4.2 seconds. 325 events happen in that timeframe, whether it's guitars exploding, water balloons being tossed, or a large flipbook being...well, flipped. The footage is then slowed down to stretch over the full length of the song, sometimes at a slowdown rate of 20,000 percent. The result is something that looks majestic and serves as the perfect backdrop for the dreamlike melodies of the song. Enjoy!

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