Saturday, July 2

Lumbersexuals Unite: It's Time to Get Jacked

When you think of a lumberjack, what do you picture? There's likely some plaid involved, and of course a beard. And he'll usually have an axe over his shoulder. But there's a difference between what you're picturing – a lumbersexual – and an actual lumberjack.

Fortunately, the makers of Dinty Moore® stew are here to set us all straight. There's more to being a lumberjack than simply looking the part. It takes the right training to perform the intense maneuvers that lumberjacks have to do, from axe throwing to wood chopping to crosscut sawing. There are competitions all over the world, and to take home the top prize, you've gotta be prepared.

One of those competitions is the STIHL Timbersports Series U.S. Pro and Collegiate Championships on July 15th in Chicago, sponsored by the makers of Dinty Moore® stew. Led by professional lumberjack Adrian Flygt (word on the street is that his resume is written on the handle of an axe), Hormel Foods Dinty Moore® stew is putting a team of lumbersexuals together, transforming them into might lumberjacks.

Adrian is...not encouraged by early results.

This is the face of a man looking at a log that's still fully intact.

But with enough training, the Moore Jacks just might make it after all. Of course, they'll need the right diet plan, and that includes a hearty dose of Hormel Foods Dinty Moore® stew. Since the first step of becoming a lumberjack is eating like one – and I just shaved, so I need to do something right – I picked up some Dinty Moore Hearty Meals® Beef Stew. It's got enough packed into it to put a dent in any surface.

Literally crushing a bed. Amazing.

The best part is that it actually tastes good, too, and despite eating it several hours ago, I still feel full. The makers of Dinty Moore® stew want you to get in on the lumberjack fun, too, and there are plenty of ways to do so: for starters, check out the landing page and see what kind of shenanigans the lumbersexuals are getting up to. Be sure to follow along on Twitter with the #MooreJacks hashtag, watch some video action on YouTube, and take this BuzzFeed quiz to find out what percent lumbersexual you are. I'm 30 percent, which doesn't make me a lumbersexual, but rather "just a guy." Very inspiring. Time to eat some more Dinty Moore Hearty Meals® Beef Stew.

Heartier than a love song.

For my beard-sporting, plaid-wearing, axe-wielding friends, I look forward to hearing about your lumbersexual adventures. The rest of you, better start training – or at least training your stomach.

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