Sunday, May 8

Duracell Ad Powerfully Shows Effect of Hearing Loss

Meet Jim. He's a middle-aged man/recent grandfather, but he's missing a lot of life around him. That's because he has hearing trouble. This Duracell ad does a terrific job of showing what hearing loss is like, putting Jim in situations like being able to hear his coworkers speaking, but not knowing what they're saying, or being unable to hear a baby crying in another room.

As someone who plays music and is around a good amount of noise at times, I empathize with this a lot. And I implore you, no matter how old you are, take care of your ears. Wear earplugs when you're going to a show, don't use Q-tips, and try to stay away from backfiring cars. You've only got one set of ears; don't let 'em go to waste.

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