Monday, March 28

Shoes? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Shoes

In news that continues to defy all odds, the terribly mediocre Syracuse Orange basketball team keep winning games. Yesterday they came back from a 15-point deficit with about nine minutes to play against a Virginia Cavaliers team simply by pressing, which made Virginia go from a slow, methodical, plodding style of play into something much more frantic.

It's a move that makes you wonder why teams don't press 100 percent of the time, since it's been proven time and again this tournament that handling the press is absurdly difficult for these college kids.

Anyway, earlier in the game, Syracuse freshman Tyler Lydon lost a shoe. NO MATTER. He promptly got back up, kicked the shoe away, and proceeded to knock down a one-shoed three-pointer. Not included in this video is the very impressive move by Michael Gbinije to pick up the shoe and toss it off the court, all while maintaining his dribble. Now that's a shoe-pendous move.

Okay, I'll see myself out.

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